Customer services :


Some of our services are:

  • Farm visiting by experts of Pishgam Damparvar Sepahan Company regarding the evaluation of the dairy and poultry farms
  • Preparing a suitable feed ration by the scientific group and experts of Pishgam Damparvar Sepahan Company, depending on the geographical location of the farm, the quality of water consumed, etc.
  • Accompanying moment by moment from the arrival of one-day-old chickens until the end of the breeding period
  • Providing advice to select appropriate institutions in terms of price and quality to increase productivity


Sampling service:

We offer a sampling service, giving you the opportunity to properly evaluate products before you buy. Product samples are dispatched within 24 hours, from our purpose-built facilities with comprehensive support documentation (including certificates of Analysis where appropriate).

The highest standards of regulatory and safety compliance are applied in all of our sampling procedures.

Whatever you need, contact head office and we will be pleased to help.


اطلاعات تماس

  • دفتر مرکزی : اصفهان ، چهاراه آپادانا ، خیابان 15 خرداد ، مقابل اداره کل بهزیستی اصفهان ، پلاک 128

  • 03136413634 و 03136413275

    کد پستی: 8166795191

  • آدرس کارخانه : جاده اصفهان شهرضا , 2 کیلومتر مانده به شهرضا ،شهرک سپهر آباد, نبش خیابان هشتم, کارخانه پیشگام 

  • 031-53300193 الی 5

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